Musical Mondo Cane: Wayang Orang Hutan

Four Orang Hutan lost their habitat in the forest of Kalimantan (Indonesia) and decided to play in a band they named “Wayang Orang Hutan’ in order to sustain their lives in the cyber world. Campaigning for Education, Health, Justice and Ecology, they are heroes indeed, therefore if you want “to save the planet, then save the WOH

The band is virtual and from Bali. Wayang Orang Hutan, led by Igor Tamerlan.

Igor Tamerlan at soundfoundation

The Living Treasures of Bali

The internet is amazing. For music lovers? Triple amazin’. Not only are there awesome resources for any genre one might favor, but, an absolutely astounding resource can sit ‘out there’ and then be discovered in a serendipitous way. And, amaze.

I forget where I saw the reference and link, maybe at skafunkrastapunk, but diving in to The Living Treasures of Bali at cost me many pleasurable hours.

Performances by eminent elder Balinese performing artists with Gamelan Semara Ratih
“Banyu Pinaruh dan Bulan Purnama” 26 December 2004 Ubud, Bali

You could watch the whole thing right here or on the archive site. I didn’t because one can also download MPEG1 files and then make DVDs, and, as I did, watch them on the big home theatre screen. Or, MP4’s could be downloaded and poured into the iPOD.

Grab a taste here. The music of Indonesia is many many musics. These performances by the Gamelan Semara Ratih are masterful and the visuals are engrossing.