Now Pop for Power People

Another way to put up a podcast is via SEEQpod. Basically, you use its nifty search engine to line-up tracks residing on somebody else’s server. This is legal for the time-being but the concept breaks down someday on at least the piggybacking purloined hot links.

Anyway, here’s what I put together in a couple of minutes of searching. All four bands are–of course–favorites. Beachwood Sparks reminds me of the International Submarine Band with their reverb drenched psychcountryrock. Panda Bear‘s Person Pitch was, along my discovery of Megan Hickey and Last Town Chorus, deliverance for my sweet tooth last year. Jellyfish was short-lived paisley precursor who just about perfectly split the difference between Badfinger and the Beach Boys. They have the greatest band motto ever: ‘turning bullshit into marmalade.’ And, their break-up caused The Grays (with Jason Falkner and Jon Brion along with Buddy Judge and Dan McCarroll) which in turn caused the greatest one-of power pop disc ever. Leaving the Wondermints, Brian Wilson’s first call backup band; say no more.

[Groovesahrk removed]

  • Beachwood Sparks-Let it Run
  • Panda Bear-Comfy In Nautica
  • Last Town Chorus-Modern Love
  • Jellyfish-New Mistake
  • Wondermints-Guess I’m Done
  • Brian Wilson-Surf’s Up

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