Kamelmauz Featured On New Gestrument Site

KAmelmauz at Gestrument

 At the end of last year one if the developers of the remarkable gestural synthesizer/controller/sampler Jesper Nordin invited me by email to be a featured artist on the new, redesigned Gestrument web site. I thought about it for half a nano-second and told Jesper, 


Last week I learned who the other featured artists were, enabling me to figure out roughly how out of their league I was; and it is a fairly large amount out of the league of Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre and techno master Richard Devine I be! 

Today the web site was rolled out. 

The Kamelmauz page features a three track video I made featuring Gestrument as sampler, Gestrument as controller, and Kamelmauz as pedal steel guitar cosmonaut. On my page are samples from Soundcloud and patches (presets) I designed. And, to my amazement the patches are also included in the new update of Gestrument.

The essay on the Kamelmauz page explains much, but I’ll add that I’ve been working with Gestrument for over a year, yet I’ve just scratched the surface. It’s such a deep instrument that I’ve focused on but a subset of its capabilities. There are lots of video demos on the new web site that show what Gestrument can do. 

For the moment I’m the only sound artist using Gestrument with pedal steel guitar. Video.

Not at all incidentally, the two most recent Kamelmauz recordings solely feature Gestrument as a sound source.

is a mix of the short tracks from this:

The Kamelmauz Soundcloud account is all Gestrument at the moment.

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