Hoon’s Tunes and Muso Faves 2014 – Improvisation

Improvisation – call it jazz, if you must
Sam Newsome – The Straight Horn of Africa A Path to Liberation (Art of the Soprano, V2)

Tisziji Munoz – Taking You Out There! Live

Chicago/Sao Paulo Underground Feat. Pharoah Sanders – Pharoah & The Underground

Notes – The best improv sounds for itself. It takes me more than a year to absorb the rich experiments. Especially with the field of improv, it is what I happen to be dealing with as a listener in the moment that comes to the fore and comes to be favored. Still, compelled by the year-end project to give some shape to my most glorious preferences, it was straight forward to elevate Mr. Newsome and Mr. Munoz & Mr. Sanders and Mr. Mazurek to the top rank. I spent the most time with Tisziji Munoz, simply by virtue of his prolific delivery of entire recordings and partial recordings on eMusic. By my count he put out twelve new recordings. Their quality is uniformly excellent. He is a stirring improviser, but of course so are Sam Newsome, and the ageless Pharoah Sanders. The only possible conclusion is that 2014 was a year for reviving the feel of John Coltrane.

Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden – Last Dance
Oliver Lake – Heard the Organ Trio
Jason Ajemian – Folklords
Ken Vandermark Duos and Trios – Nine Ways to Read a Bridge
Steve Lehman Octet – Mise En Abi?me
Ideal Bread – Beating The Teens
Roscoe Mitchell with Craig Taborn, Kikanju Baku – Conversations I/Conversations II
Jemeel Moondoc – The Zookeeper’s House
Jochen Rueckert – We Make the Rules
Orrin Evans & Captain Black Big Band – Mother’s Touch
Sonny Simmons & Moksha Samnyasin – Nomadic
Tisziji Munoz – Omega Nebula-The Afterlife
Abdullah Ibrahim – The Song Is My Story
Sam Newsome – The Solo Concert – Plays Monk and Ellington
George Lewis, Wadada Leo Smith, John Zorn – Sonic Rivers
Keith Jarrett Trio – Somewhere

John Coltrane – Offering – Live at Temple University
Miles Davis – The Unissued Cafe Bohemia Broadcasts
Miles Davis – Plugged Nickel Complete
Clifford Brown – The Blue Note Recordings

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