Four Basic Concerns In, Apparently, A World of Possibilities

Context is always shifting. When you develop a sense of context, when you develop your own unique sense of contextualizing, when your awareness and understanding of context starts to obtain for itself something like individuation, then there are experiments you then can do.

For me, the informed foundation of being creative–and this is the same foundation whether my engagement concerns sound, or images, or philosophizing, or theorizing, or practicing, etc.. As a creative person this foundation refers to experience and learning and the entanglement of both into experiencelearning.

For example, experiencelearning comes about because of: Thelonious Monk, Gregory Bateson, Susan, Middlebury Vermont, Pauline Oliveros, Marian Woodman, the Chelsea Hotel, KW, Bandura, Atlanta the dog, Freire, Mahler’s 8th symphony, Bucky, Rumi, Linda, William James, Netdynam, my mom, Free Play Softball. . . Nor can its totality be bounded by mere content.

At the same time, experiencelearning is the soil for conceptualization, articulation, and enactment. There are fruitful and strange juxtaposes, so I do, and to myself and for myself, provide a picture of juxtaposes, such as Rogerian deep listening wave anomalies. These namings express cybernetic captures of personal enacted consciousness; and these namings are short hand too.

Years ago, sharing a reverie, an observer just out and out told me ‘your instrument is listening.’ The concise description for my sound design’s META is: context disocovered to generate fortuitous clues about the ongoing development of this instrument. A similar description could be offered on behalf of crystalizing a motive for my visual experiments.

The Green Man (Stephen Calhoun)
The Green Man (Stephen Calhoun)

As a practitioner of adult development my aim is captured by a really short name: multi-modal experiments in listening.

My most recent principal concern, unfolded for almost ten years, has been the feature and factor of fortuity, or serendipity, in human agency and enactment. This forges a side of a square, and completes the square too: fortuity/listening/experience/learning.

Designs and creations are elementally matters of these four most basic concerns.

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