Ended Disco, for one thing

Given that my second of three stints in record retail took place between 1976-1986, it would be apt to point out that Michael Jackson was responsible, in effect, for more than several of my pay checks. At the time of his Thriller, I was long off the rails of pop hits. At the time, all I really cared about was channeling the surging phenomena to the cash register. Didn’t watch TV in those days and didn’t have real way to contextualize what was making the cha ching, even in the seemingly unlikely location of a lilly white new england college town in Vermont.

Looking back on it all and ignoring the incredible one man Fellini film Jackson opted for after reaching his peak, I came to understand how rare and sharp was Jacko’s talent. Iconic, sure, but also after a fashion, Jackson was very experimental-one of the great experimentalists and syncretists in pop music history.


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