Digging Deep Into the Soul of Africa

Matsuli produces one of the finest mp3 blog’s I’ve encountered. His blog exemplifies–for me–how much passion and knowledge can be brought to bear on speaking of and offering tastes of a genre. In Matsuli’s case, the genre is the music of Africa, with the music of South Africa at the center.

For example, today, Matsuli announced:

Jive Motella! – Nick Lotay digs deep
A big shout out to Nick Lotay who has come forward with the best compilation I have ever heard of – until now – frankly unobtainable South African jive illuminating its genesis in the early sixties. And a whole lot more. So sit back, read, listen and learn!

Underneath this announcement is, literally, a treatise on South African music. The post end’s with Lotay’s superb mp3 compilation,

5 stars

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