Trophies of Sand

Synthesist Rheyne (Jon Barbieri) and guitarist Robert Manganaro mine the vein of improvised ambient on a terrific playlist full of chilled goodness.

The duo records their improvisations live and so all the loopng and sequencing and mixing is in real time. This is very hard to do as tautly as the two do it. Lots of technological acumen underlies the organic feel of these slow building improvisations.

Robert Manganaro – guitar

Jon Barbieri (@RheyneMusic) – keyboards


Alchemy Resurrects

Back last year when Camel Audio shuttered, their flagship sampling synthesizer was rumored to have been sucked into the maw of Apple. Across the audio music makers’ internet, the haters rose.

At the time I thought it might reappear as an iPad app, but now it turns out it is part of the $199 Logic Pro X 10.2.

With Native Instruments Absynth, Alchemy has been my go-to soft synth for many years.

Welcome back.

Robert Rich Live in Colorado

Robert Rich

We’re slowly closing in on the two year mark for legal marijuana here in Colorado. If there’s a couple of things we’ve all learned from the last two years, it’s that recreational cannabis doesn’t have apocalyptic effects, and that regardless of the label as “medicinal” or “recreational,” you can’t negate the beneficial effects that marijuana can have on people suffering from a variety of ailments. It’s important as a recreational user or a medicinal patient to know what strains are going to affect you in what ways. Dope Directory Marijuana Strain Review