Herbie Tsoaeli, In the Spirit of Johnny Dyani


with Zim “Zimology” Ngqawana

There is a web site called Africanjazz. I had never visited it because I didn’t know it was ‘out there.’ But, as often happens when I am in my emusic account and dealing with the chaotic sprawl of its offerings looking to bring some new music into my world, I leaned into Google, and, discovered a page of brand new recommendations at AfricanJazz about jazz from South Africa.

There I discovered bassist Herbie Tsoaeli‘s new recording African Time Quartet in Concert (Live.) Went back to emusic and downloaded it. It is a strong statement of the people’s music, as Abdullah Ibrahim would call it.

iTunes link

I had seen Tsoaeli’s name on recordings by SA greats Zim Ngqawana and Winston Mankunku Ngozi, but I had not noted a year ago that his debut recording African Time had been named the South African Jazz Record of the Year for 2013.

Herbie Tsoaeli Facebook

Nduduzo Makhathini‘s new, superb recording of solo piano is titled Mother Tongue.

South African Jazz on the web;
jazzE Magazine

Legendary bassist Johnny Dyani, who notably played with The Blue Notes and Abdullah Ibrahim, was, stature-wise, his continent’s Charles Mingus. This post remembers with fondness the flame of Dyani fervor that inflected my musical friends during the Vermont years. You know who you are.

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Kamelmauz: Hairy Deep

Late last week one of my go-to iPad music app developers, Igor Vasiliev, released Soundscaper. I have recently being using his Altispace Reverb a bunch–after plugging into its library 325 convolution wave files from my own vast collection. Nowadays, I don’t pull the trigger on every intriguing music making app that gets released. Soundscaper had already earned a preview from Doug at The Soundtest Room. I’m not a big fan of the 8 bit, lo-fi ethos and even though I am an ambient-oriented, deep listening, slow music, (sure) soundscaper, I held off on Igor’s new app.

I also knew the usual suspects would soon enough weigh in. Tim Webb provided an amusing look at Soundscaper the effect–that isn’t an effect–and Doug did one of his breathless half hour in depth videos.

The review at musicappblog turned a phrase, And, like the difference between a blindfold, inexperienced potter with some lumps of clay and a spinning wheel, and an expert pot maker who can craft something beautiful with their eyes closed, mastering SoundScaper’s control set is going to take a little time…, and I pulled the trigger.

I started out with one of my raw drones in the first oscillator slot and approached Soundscaper as a performance interface. Instead of hearing its goal to be the result of the oscillator, instead I intuited that its goal is to perform the sample using manipulations of its interface. Soundscaper is not a synth, it’s a multi faceted means for manipulating a sample in real time.

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Midi Harp

h/t Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music post: MIDI Makes an Augmented Harp Performance Like None You’ve Heard

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Difference and the Vertical

h/t to Synthhead at Synthtopia


Festival Gram’Off / à l’ARSH On – 21/04/2012

I’ve been experimenting with an oddball iPad app called In C, that renders Riley’s iconic piece, but, as well, can be used as a programmable midi controller oriented to a minimalist pattern-making capability.

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Dub Collision: Everyday Shadows


1 FKA Twigs-Weak Spot 3:43
2 Gene Watson-It’s Not Love (But It’s Not Bad) 3:37
3 Yvette Landry-Misery Loves Company 6:11
4 Catherine MacLellan-The Raven’s Sun 3:18
5 Jenny Queen-Mother’s Son 3:34
6 Emma Ruth Rundle-Some Heavy Ocean 1:41
7 Bill Patton-I Broke Your Toy 3:19
8 The Civil Wars-Poison & Wine 4:02
9 Rosanne Cash-Tell Heaven 2:40
10 Leonard Cohen-I’m Your Man 5:58
11 Secret Sisters-Good Luck, Good Night, Goodbye 3:34
12 Jeff Tweedy-I’m Only Sleeping 3:36
13 Stone Coyotes-Let The Wild Horse Run 3:37
14 Ariel Pink-Four Shadows 3:40
15 Ex Hex-You Fell Apart 2:45
16 The Greyhounds-I Remember 3:36
17 Chrissie Hynde-Everyday Is Like Sunday 3:34
18 Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin-You’ve Changed 3:12
19 Richard Thompson-Wall Of Death 3:23
20 Wussy-Home 3:41
21 The Flaming Lips-Within You Without You (Featuring Birdflower & Morgan Delt) 4:39

Another take on some of my favorite pop music from, mostly, 2014. I compiled this for KW “who needs some pop and sonic angst” for last year. Special note: thank you Barbara Keith of Stone Coyotes for keeping your flame burning.

mp3 mix download

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Alicia Witt

Alicia Witt

I was really happy to see the fine actress Alicia Witt take a character role in last year’s season of Justified. It wasn’t the best season of my favorite TV show, but it did bring Ms. Witt back onto my screen as the non-sociopathic sibling of a Florida crime family. She acquitted herself excellently and even got to exact revenge on her crime boss bro.

She’s a good singer/songwriter too. I recently learned this and so now can you.

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Louisa Jon-Krol tumblr stream (tag)

. . .some slow music today.

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Animated Rite of Spring

The visual is hypnotic whereas the music supplies a non-hypnotic soundtrack to the visual stream.

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NAMM Aspirational Targets

Roger Linn Linnstrument

Omnisphere 2

Now that Winter 2015 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) has ended, I add to my very modest gear lust list.



Either one will do:

Simmons Genesis E9 fixed copedent economy/professional

GFI Student E9

Stage One E9 would be okay, too!

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Dub Collision: Run the Same Dream



1 MARY GAUTHIER I Feel The Same 4:16
2 THE SELDOM SCENE It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 3:20
3 STURGILL SIMPSON Living The Dream 3:51
4 FLECK & WASHBURN Bye Bye Baby Blues 3:26
5 AMY LAVERE Self Made Orphan 3:57
7 THE BOTH No Sir 3:46
8 RYAN ADAMS Stay with Me 3:06
9 ALISON MAY Ophelia 4:00
11 ROSANNE CASH World of Strange Design 3:24
12 SLOAN You Don’t Need Excuses to Be Good 3:42
13 JON DEE GRAHAM Look Up 3:15
14 ARIEL PINK One Summer Night 3:57
15 PARQUET COURTS Black and White 3:04
16 THE WAR ON DRUGS The Haunting Idle 3:08
17 THE WAR ON DRUGS Lost In The Dream 5:25
18 WUSSY Acetylene 3:53
19 WUSSY Teenage Wasteland 4:39
20 STONE COYOTES Let The Wild Horse Run 3:37
21 MICHAEL NESMITH Grand Ennui 4:48

Taster of some favorite 2014 folk/country/pop/rock. Enjoy the mp3 on your ‘device.’

Download mix mp3

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