Random With a Hitch

I would contest the implicit theorizing that launches this video. Also, devolving a mix into pieces and setting up formulas to generate new iterations is obviously old school rather than visionary.

If Belew would be bothered to pen up his technology and make it a platform for my own stems, bits, and pieces, then I will dig back through his premises and see if his propositions do in fact constitute a new outlook.

Nevertheless, in noting my sense that Flux isn’t disruptive in its first iteration, I still think this is cool beans.

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Audreio to the Rescue


Apple App-Store has always been about the most staggering example of Apple’s do it our way or not at all business approach. It remains a monstrosity stuck to an intentionally opaque and user-hating front end.

For us music makers on IOS hardware I would suppose we’re used to it and have figured out workarounds. Yet, sometimes an enterprising user-intefrace innovator comes along and helps the cause in a fell swoop.

Audre.io, apparently, is working on a remote audio IOS app. At the same time they’ve engineered a very useful interface for searching through available IOS music making instruments and effects and hosts. Muy bien.

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Steve Roach sonic waves keep breaking

Three new recordings landed by the masterful Steve Roach on July 11.

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Still tracking


FKA Twigs, the British singer, will soon enough enter the training academy for soon-to-be cultural icons. This follows merely from her being Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend.

However, this isn’t the reason Pitchfork suggests it’s time to “jump on the bandwagon.” Her debut record is a great blast of UK street soul. It’s my own favorite pop record so far. I hear an audacious mix of Janelle Monae and Imogean Heap–at least this would be my rough comparison.

FKATwigs portal (on tumblr)

FKATwigs Instagram

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Squarepusher celebrates twenty years of experiments this year.

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Reverb rules in my sonic cosmos.

Thank you 2Caudio for being my ‘NASA.’

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h/t Rachel Fitzgerald for the video in her fine article about woman’s psychology, Proposal to recast Wolff’s schema as a ternary system: the whole thing must live

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Independent Music and Its Humanity

This is a terrific episode (#194) of DigiMusicTrends from Andrea Leonelli. It highlights the great liberating tool, Bandcamp, and also makes a smart account of the current environment for making a livelihood from music. Nowadays that environment is full of disruptive modalities, but the will and integrity of the artist is the main defense against the chaotic entanglement of de-evolution and evolution that has been in force in the biz for almost twenty years.

h/t Ashley at Palm Sounds

DigiMusicTrends web site

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Doug Woods and His Essential (for IOS musicians) Sound Test Room


Musician and IOS music-making evangelist Doug Woods has been cranking out in his Cornwall, UK, studio introductory and tutorial videos for iPad music apps at a relentless pace for three years. One can basically count on Doug following up a hot new app release with a youtube video within a day or two.

Doug is an affable and enthusiastic presenter. It’s not easy to put together an effective video even if all the tools are accessible in our day and age.

If you’re using IOS devices to make music you likely know of his essential contribution to our community, if not, today is your lucky day.

Doug Woods, The Sound Test Room

Twitter | Facebook

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The Beatles – Come Together

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